Call for expressions of interest – Communications officer

The ECA is recruiting a member of contract staff (Function Group IV) in the Directorate of the Presidency (DOP). The role of the DOP is to help the President execute the ECA’s mission. It has direct responsibilities in the areas of strategy, communications, institutional relations, publications, liaison, protocol and visits. Our aim is to be dynamic, open and professional in disseminating ECA-related information, optimising the work of the institution and ensuring an effective participation in the professional public audit community.

The DOP Communications team is responsible for internal and external communications, informing stakeholders about our activities, work and output through online, offline and social media channels.
The basic monthly salary for Function Group IV, grade 13, step 1, is currently € 3 246.70, which is subject to EU tax and exempt from national tax. In addition, staff members are eligible for certain allowances under the conditions laid down in the conditions of employment of the other servants of the European Union (hereafter CEOS). EU institutions have their own pension and health systems for which contributions are deducted from the salary at source. Staff members’ children can benefit from free enrolment at the European School.

The person recruited will be expected to contribute to:
– development and monitoring of the ECA’s online communications strategies and activities;
– management of the ECA’s internet and intranet sites, including preparation of web content, management of web developments in collaboration with IT, monitoring of website usage and dealing with requests from other internal services;
– management of the ECA’s social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube) and our institution’s Twitter profile;
– development and implementation of the ECA’s e-publishing policy;
– ad hoc communications project, such as online marketing campaigns, social media promotions etc.; and
preparation of audio-visual material.

On the deadline for application, the successful candidate will have:
1. Qualifications
In accordance with Article 10 of the CEOS:
– a level of education corresponding to a completed course of university studies leading to a degree, where the normal period of study is four years or more; or
– a level of education corresponding to a completed course of university studies leading to a degree, where the normal period of study is no less than three years, and at least one year of relevant professional experience; or
– where justified in the interests of the service, an equivalent level of professional training.
The degree will preferably be in the fields of communication, public relations, journalism or advertising.
2. Professional experience
At least three years of professional experience (acquired after the qualifications defined above) in journalism, communications, public relations or related field – ideally in an international environment – with proven skills in, and/or good knowledge of:
– management of web developments and web-based communications;
– communicating with different public audiences, including through social media;
– oral and written communication techniques and practice, including web copywriting;
– online communication tools and processes (content management systems, analytics tools, etc.) and social networks. Knowledge of SharePoint CMS and PIWIK analytics tools would be an advantage;
– web usability and accessibility rules;
– the EU institutions, and the political framework in which they operate; and
– the ECA’s mission and activities.
3. Specific skills
– Strong organisational capacity and ability to cope with pressure, to prioritise and work within tight deadlines, and to respond to issues as they arise;
– proven team player with excellent drafting and communication skills, able to explain complex matters in clear language to different audiences in a creative and convincing manner;
– good interpersonal and negotiation skills;
– well-developed sense of creativity; and
– reliability and commitment.
4. Language knowledge
Candidates must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of one of the languages of the European Union and a satisfactory knowledge of another EU language.
Due to the nature of the duties, an excellent knowledge of English is required. The knowledge of other EU working languages (i.e. French or German) would be an advantage.
The Court is an equal opportunities employer with a policy of non-discrimination, and welcomes applications from all qualified men and women.

In accordance with Article 12, point 2, of the CEOS, candidates must:
– be a national of an EU Member State;
– enjoy full rights as citizens;
– have fulfilled any obligations imposed on them by the recruitment laws concerning military service; and
– meet the character requirements for the duties involved.

The files of the eligible candidates will be examined by a Selection Committee which will draw up a short list of the candidates it deems most suitable for the post.
The Committee will then conduct interviews in order to establish a reserve list of the best candidates.
The fact of being included in the reserve list does in no way constitute a right to recruitment. The validity of the reserve list will expire on 31 December 2017 but may be extended at the discretion of the ECA.
Applications, written in English or French, should comprise:
– a letter of motivation (max. one page);
– an up-to-date CV (max. five pages), which must be in the “Europass” format in order to be accepted (see:

Any application failing to adhere strictly to these instructions will be rejected.
The deadline for applications is 15 December 2016 at noon