Transnational cultural tourism products and Tourism and accessibility for all 

Two themes: THEME A – Cultural & Industrial heritage products (Topic ENT-05-2014) THEME B – Accessible Tourism (Topic ENT-06-2014) Deadline: 21/10/2014 For more information visit the official website

Χορηγίες για διεθνείς δράσεις νέων από το Συμβούλιο της Ευρώπης

Δικαιούχοι: -Διεθνείς μη κυβερνητικοί οργανισμοί νέων ή διεθνείς μη κυβερνητικά δίκτυα νέων. -Εθνικός ή τοπικός μη-κυβερνητικός οργανισμός νέων -Μη-κυβερνητικές δομές νέων που ασχολούνται με θέματα νέων. The European Youth Foundation (EYF) is a fund established by the Council of Europe to provide financial support for European youth activities. It aims to encourage co-operation amongst young […]

Network of experts on the social dimension of education and training

The overall objective of this contract is to contribute to the improvement of European-level policy development and cooperation in education and training through an advisory Network of experts working on the social dimension of education and training. Deadline: 8/9/2014

Do you want a Connected Community?

Do you represent a region, local authority or city? Are you interested in developing your local broadband network? The European Commission would like to help. Who can apply? Any local, regional or national, public, semi-public or private entities can present a project. The broadband project must be located in one or more EU country. Let […]

Apply for Support

Do you have an education, audiovisual and/or culture project in cooperation with the EU in mind? Apply for Support, Deadline: 1 October, 12:00 noon Brussels time. 2015 call for proposals (EACEA 32/2014) for ‘Support to European cooperation projects’ (further language versions will be added as soon as possible) (published on 31/07/2014)