Job: Fundraiser in European Youth Press: Salary: 2,400 € monthly.


The European Youth Press (EYP) is seeking a highly motivated and experienced person to fill the position of fundraiser. When applicable, the candidate may also have project management responsibilities. The selected candidate will be requested to work part-time to full-time for EYP at their secretariat in Brussels and is, under the guidance of the executive board, responsible for:

  • Identifying and writing grant and project proposals;
  • Actively looking for additional funding through sponsorships, advertisement;
  • Drafting a fundraising strategy for the European Youth Press;
  • Developing new and imaginative fundraising activities;
  • Developing and coordinating web-based fundraising;
  • External representation at different events, organisations and political institutions in the Brussels area;
  • External communication and support for Member Organisations of the EYP;

Deadline: 29 August 2014

Open to: candidates with experience in fundraising, project management and NGOs